The Committee

In order to pursue the work of Marcel Mariën’s catalogue raisonné, the Foundation has created a committee of expertise. Its mission is to analyse the submitted works  – all media combined – and evaluate the possibility of integrating  them in the on-going catalogue raisonné. The members of the Marcel Mariën Committee are experts of the artist and of the Belgian surrealist movement: Sarah Whitfield, Xavier Canonne, Frank Castelyns and Augustin Nounckele.


– Sarah Whitfield :

Independent art historian, writer, curator, and co-author of René Magritte’s catalogue raisonné, Sarah Whitfield is an authority, among others, of Belgian surrealism. Close to Marcel Mariën, she is also the Honorary President of the Marcel Mariën Foundation.


– Xavier Canonne :

Graduated in History of Art from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Doctor at the Sorbonne in Paris with a thesis on Surrealism in Belgium, Xavier Canonne is the Director of the Museum of Photography of Charleroi. He is curator of exhibitions and author of books on Surrealism (Surrealism in Belgium, The discreet charm of bourgeoisie, Naples – Florida, 2015, René Magritte: The Revealing Image, Photo and Films, Australia, 2017 / Japan, 2018 and Magritte. La Ligne de vie, Lugano, 2018 / Helsinki 2019. A good friend of Marcel Mariën, he also wrote books with him. Xavier Canonne organized a major retrospective of the artist in 2013 in the Museum of Photography, Charleroi (Marcel Mariën, Le passager clandestin, with catalogue )


– Frank JMA Castelyns :

Frank JMA Castelyns is an artist and a publisher of PERSONA editions. Between 1990 and 2018, he organized exhibitions of Marcel Mariën, Wout Vercammen and Roland Van den Berghe in his studio.

He studied art, engraving and sculpture in Sint-Lukas in Brussels and taught engraving, lithography and silk screen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turnhout, then at the Sint-Lukas Institute (LUCA School of Arts) in Brussels. Frank JMA Castelyns worked as a serigrapher with Marcel Mariën. He is the author of the catalogue raisonné of Marcel Mariën’s editions: Marcel Mariën. L’œuvre graphique et les multiples, Anvers 2002.  In 1989, another publication is Verborgen Sarabande , the first translation of Marcel Mariën’s aphorisms in Dutch.


– Augustin Nounckele :

Master in Art History at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Augustin Nounckele is the author of an essay on the production of Marcel Mariën’s objects. He is also co-writer of the Marcel Mariën’s Catalogue Raisonné and the member of the CEO of Marcel Mariën Foundation.

Next meeting of the Committee

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