Catalogues raisonnés and book editions

The Marcel Mariën Foundation is currently working on several Catalogues Raisonnés, including those of Marcel Mariën (1920-1993) (accessible since 29 April 2020), Rachel Baes (1912-1983), Léo Dohmen (1929-1999), Jane Graverol (1907-1984), Marcel-G. Lefrancq (1916-1974), Max Servais (1904-1990) and Armand Simon (1906- 1981).

Furthermore, a collection of monographic books devoted to each surrealist artist is in progress, as well as a collection of re-editions of rare and precious works. Finally, surrealist aphorisms and poetry will be promoted in a pocket collection.
The exhibitions

Because the Marcel Mariën Foundation is dedicated to promote the artist’s oeuvre, the organisation of exhibitions will be a privileged activity both nationally and internationally.

We are currently working on several exhibition projects, including a retrospective of Marcel Mariën, an exhibition on surrealist photography and one dedicated to Surrealism in Belgium.

The research center
The Foundation’s Documentation Centre collects books, archives and other documents to be used by scholars for scientific research.
The Marcel Mariën Foundation will organize conferences and symposiums on members of Belgian Surrealism and on the movement in general.